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It’s been a wild ride during the last few weeks, the market being somewhat stable again. Regardless, the Beyond team has been working tirelessly with the beta launch, gearing to mainnet, major listings and potential strategic partnerships at the protocol level. Here are the updates on what’s been going on during the past month;

Centralized Exchange Listing

Over the past few weeks, Beyond Finance ($BYN) was listed on MXC Exchange (30k BYN Rewards Contest) and AscendEX (STAKING 106 %,- Currently at46% AYP). There will be further listings to follow, as we look to continue to grow the BYN ecosystem. …

Beyond Finance is proud to officially announce our BYN token will be listed on MXC, 8th June, 2021, 15:00 UTC.

Deposit & Withdrawal is now currently open.

About MXC Exchange

MXC is currently one of the fastest growing exchanges, catering 4B in volume per day mainly to South East Asia and China with over 1.3M monthly visits per month.

Beyond Finance chose MXC because of its high trading volume, liquidity, and security. With BYN’s listing on MXC, Beyond’s community and BYN holders can participate in the building of the BYN ecosystem and can easily part-take in a variety of airdrop…

Beyond Finance Community Open Chat Recap ~

The open chat was held on May 15th, 2021 via our official Telegram Group.

We hope to have more of these, especially since we are in the stages of finalizing development of our Beta and will continue to interact with our community as much as possible!

Dotun 🇳🇬 Wilfred (WONT ASK FOR ETH NOR DM YOU FIRST), [15.05.21 13:55]

🗣🗣Good day, dear Beyond community! I am Dotun, admin of beyond official chat and I will be facilitating the open community chat tonight. This is a catch-up session for all of you. …

We are excited to announce that Beyond Finance is now using Chainlink Price Feeds — pre-built and time-tested decentralized oracle networks that provide on-chain price reference data for smart contracts across a variety of asset classes — to accurately and securely price all of our platform’s synthetic assets during the minting, swapping, redeeming, and/or liquidation processes. By integrating Chainlink’s market-leading decentralized oracle networks, our users will have greater confidence in the accuracy and credibility of asset prices used by the Beyond Finance platform.

Beyond Finance allows users to create and trade collateralized synthetic financial products that track the prices of…

To our Beyond Community,

Yup, you read the headline correctly! We’re gradually opening access to our beta version of our platform. The Beyond synthetic Dex platform is in final stage of development. We’ve internally worked extremely hard on this for months. We did update and mention our Beta in our previous medium post. Thanks to your patience and support, we are in the final phase and will start the process of recruiting & carefully selecting a very exclusive group for our first testing program.

The Phase One Testing program will be a very selective group that will proceed in an…

Dear Synthetic enthusiasts, upon confirmation from our oracle partner, Beyond Finance is thrilled to announce our first synthetic assets for our platform to trade. There have been many queries & requests from our community, even during the AMAs, asking about certain assets classes. We have been preparing and experimenting to release some of the most actively traded stocks in traditional financial markets, as well as the top traded crypto, popular forex and well known commodities. We present the following list of Synthetic Assets for Beyond Finance.

Beyond Finance is strategically teaming up with an innovative partner in the blockchain industry — Spark Digital Capital.

This collaboration with Spark Digital Capital is the perfect opportunity and solution to implement innovative technology that will elevate decentralized finance to mass adoption.

About Spark Digital Capital

Established in 2017, Spark Digital Capital is an NY based family office that invests in Blockchain-enabled companies. Spark Digital Capital firmly believes in a future where blockchain not only plays a significant role in the world but also creates unlimited efficiencies and opportunities to the society and people’s lives. …

Beyond Finance is thrilled to announce, our BYN token will be officially listed on AscendEX.

AscendEX, formerly known as BitMax, is a crypto exchange that provides crypto-related services to users in 200+ countries and regions. With BYN’s listing on AscendEX, BYN Token will experience enhanced liquidity, whilst also allowing users to participate in the development of the BYN ecosystem.

The BYN Token is the core token on the Beyond protocol and serves as a collateral, governance, and fee payment token within the Beyond ecosystem. Initial issuance supply will be 100,000,000 BYN, with circulating supply at around 3,500,000 BYN.

Listing is…

Beyond Finance has partnered with decentralized and risk coverage provider, Bridge Mutual ($BMI), to mitigate risk on our upcoming platform for ($BYN) users.

Bridge Mutual is based on a decentralized and discretionary risk coverage application that allows users to safeguard each other and get reimbursed in the event of a market crash or an attack.

“What Beyond Finance is accomplishing is something that we believe will set the standard for the synthetic asset space, we’re excited to work together to provide coverage for their intricate systems.”
— Mike Miglio, CEO of Bridge Mutual.

“Security and assurance for the user is…

Celebrating the launch of BYN.

Welcome to the BYN Staking Program!

Please follow the step by step process so that you can stake your BYN and start earning rewards.

This guide will walk you through BYN staking concept and the BYN Staking interface. Make sure you understand read the important points mentioned below before you proceed.

Once you are familiar with these concepts and the staking interface, you will be able to send your ERC-20 BYN tokens from your Metamask wallet to the Beyond staking platform.

Before starting Some important points

  1. Make sure your Metamask is unlocked and refresh the…

Beyond Finance

A Novel Way to Access Synthetic Assets and DeFi Globally. Beyond is a decentralized platform for creating and trading synthetic financial products

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