We are beyond thrilled to announce the Beyondfi rebrand!

Our core mission, branding and roadmap will begin a new journey to offer a diverse range of products and services, driven by the core value of DeFi; to enable anyone to access, create and trade unlimited markets, in a limitless manner…

Dear Beyond Community,

We are delighted to announce that our current DEX is undertaking a refresh!

It encompasses a new-look user interface (UI) and an exhilarating new user experience (UX) to all our users for easier and more efficient engagement with our DEX.

Sneak Peek

The updated UI/UX will offer :

  1. Simpler…

It has been a very busy and exciting week for Beyondfi. We are now closely working with Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) to expand our ecosystem. Without our community, this would not have been possible.

As the holiday season continues we would like to highlight what we achieved so far.

  1. Successful…

We are excited to announce that registration will begin for the incentivized testnet, participants will soon be able register to join the HECO test net. Once accepted all whitelisted users will have the opportunity to test multiple functions on Huobi Eco Chain. (HECO)

As DeFi goes mainstream where more people…

We are excited, thrilled and proud to say that we are making a big step for our synthetic decentralized exchange.

Beyondfi has launched a highly-scalable, energy-efficient Layer 2 solution: Huobi Eco Chain (HECO).

The launch on HECO will increase transaction speed, reduce gas costs, and most importantly, expand our ecosystem…

Good day, Beyond community.

Over the past few months, we have constantly worked hard on expanding our ecosystem, product, and community. As a result, trading volume has increased phenomenally, more active users, a user-friendly mobile version, and whitelisting for HECO testnet.

Moreover, many partnerships with top-tier projects in the global…


Introducing our rebrand: Beyondfi - full details to follow!

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