Beyond Finance (BYN) Token Launch Announcement

Due to the overwhelming support from the community, we are extremely excited to announce the launch of the BYN Token via an additional two Initial DEX Offering (IDO) Launchpads, on April 12th, 2021, 14:00 UTC.

The DEX initial offering (IDO) is the next fund-raising step to continue to grow our community.

CAUTION: There are multiple fake Beyond Finance Token (BYN) telegram groups, be aware of scams! Beyond Finance will never DM you or ask for payment.


  • Listing price: $0.5
  • BYN Token will launch via IDO on DuckDao, Ignition+DAO Maker pool, Bondly, Zendit and PolkaBridge.

Official Beyond Finance token contract address:


[April 12th Timeline]

1:00 PM UTC — Official Telegram Chat will be muted.

2:00 PM UTC — Open Pools of All IDO Platforms will be unlocked. Whitelisted addresses have the chance to participate.

Open Pools of all IDO Platforms will be unlocked. Whitelisted addresses have the chance to participate (*Please note exact opening time may differ, please refer to your respective platform for full details)

3:00 PM UTC — All IDO ends.

April 13th

Time — 5:00 PM UTC, Uniswap Listing (Please trade BYN Token at Uniswap after an official listing announcement! Be cautious about FAKE $BYN tokens at Uniswap)

Tokens full claimable for all the IDO purchaser at 5:30PM UTC.

IDO Information:


Key Information

Whitelist open: Monday, April 5th

Whitelist close: Saturday, April 10th @ 2 pm UTC

Public Offering Date: Monday, April 12th @ 2 pm UTC

Tokens full claimable on April 13th at 5:30PM UTC

Beyond Finance Public Offering Details

Total allocation: $146,250

Price per token: $0.50 per $BYN

Total BYN Tokens available: 292,500 BYN

Ignition + (Dao Maker Pool)

Key Information

Whitelist Start: March 29, 2021

Whitelist Close: April 06, 2021, 4AM UTC

Token Allocation: 150,000 BYN

Token Price: $0.50

Beyond Finance on Ignition: April 12, 2021

Tokens full claimable on April 13th at 5:30PM UTC

Bondly — SOLD OUT

We are glad to announce that BONDLY is SOLD OUT

Key Information

● Sale time: April 6th, 2021 2:00 PM EST

● Number of Cards available: 200

● Fixed Price: 0.5 ETH

● Total 1245 BYN airdropped per NFT: 415 airdropped 15 days after TGE, 45 days after TGE and 75 days after TGE


Key Information

● Public Round Tokens

● Tokens full claimable on April 13th at 5:30pm UTC

BYN ZENDIT Pool Details

○ Token Ticker: $BYN

○ Total Raise Amount: $50,000

○ Total Available Tokens: 100,000 BYN

○ Number of Pools: 1

○ Asset Pool Pairs: USDT/BYN

○ Pool Type: Private Sherpa Pool

○ Total Pool Raise: $50,000

○ USD Token exchange offering Price: $0.5


Key Information

Time: April 12th, 2021 15:00 UTC

500 specified addresses (350 selected from Token Migration Event & 150 selected by whitelisting) will be able to join in IDO

Whitelisting is expected to close on April 10th and the result will be announced on April 11th

Hardcap: 30,000 $

Token price: 0.5$ / BYN

Max allocation per participant: 100$

Additionally, we’d like to thank our community for their continued support since the inception of Beyond Finance. In the following days, the centralized exchange listing will be announced. Stay tuned, more exciting things to come!

About Beyond Finance

Beyond is a decentralized synthetic product trading platform where users can create and trade synthetic financial products, unlocking the full potential of decentralized finance and derivatives without limits. With prominent key partners including Huobi Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, and OKex Block Dream Fund, Beyond Finance allows users to trade decentralized products without any restrictions, allowing individuals to reach their fullest to fully realize the value of Decentralized Finance.

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