We are proud to announce that Beyond Finance is partnering with Klaytn in bringing decentralized synthetic asset trading to millions of users within the Klaytn ecosystem.

By integrating Beyond’s synthetic asset trading protocol, Klaytn users will be able to access a wide variety of financial assets in a completely decentralized manner. Additionally, Beyond’s users will be able to create and access new markets by leveraging assets built on the Klaytn blockchain.

Klaytn is a public blockchain developed by Ground X, the blockchain affiliate of the South Korean company, Kakao. This leading internet company is well known for their messaging app, KakaoTalk, used by over 90% of South Korea’s population with over 50 million users. Offering high performance, fast response times and flexible scalability solutions, a wide spectrum of participants from startups to large-scale enterprises may now experience the Klaytn blockchain in an intuitive environment.

Klaytn is accelerating global expansion, capturing strategical partnerships with other protocols and established global companies to its ecosystem, combining both worlds of blockchain-oriented and traditional finance for exponential growth. Klaytn’s recently announced partners include LG Electronics, Binance, Shinhan Bank and Injective Protocol.

Beyond & Klaytn share a common vision; the need to accelerate global adoption of DeFi, limitless accessibility, limitless trading and limitless innovation.

Beyond plans to integrate onto Klaytn’s blockchain network, which greatly benefits the DeFi ecosystem. Users of Beyond will enjoy fast transactions, low fees and large scalability of Klaytn.

Beyond’s synthetic asset trading platform will in turn be available to millions of users of digital asset wallet based on Klaytn, Klip.

Kenneth Moon, Head of Product at Beyond comments that

“Klaytn has seen tremendous growth, powered by participation from top-tier brands. With its applications and web services widely adopted in the Korean market, we can now see aggressive growth in the global market. With this partnership, Beyond can help launch a number of innovative synthetic products on the Klaytn blockchain. We believe these products need to be user-friendly and cater to all consumers. Klaytn shares this ideology. We are excited to collaborate with Klaytn”

Klaytn Officials explains that

“Klaytn’s technological innovation and performance is a perfect match to Beyond’s decentralized approach to synthetic assets and financial innovation, and provides the necessary foundation for growth and adoption.”

Beyond looks to also collaborate with Klaytn on creating many more diverse products for the constantly growing DeFi industry. The synergy from this partnership will progress towards unlocking the full potential of decentralized finance.

About Klaytn

Klaytn is an enterprise-grade, service-centric platform created by Kakao’s blockchain arm, Ground X. Kaokao is Korea’s largest social media & internet company with hundreds of millions of registered users. Klaytn is secured by participation from numerous highly reputable brands around the globe.

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About Beyond Finance

Beyond is a decentralized synthetic product trading platform where users can create and trade synthetic financial products, unlocking the full potential of decentralized finance and derivatives without limits. With prominent key partners including Huobi Ventures, and OKex Block Dream Fund, Beyond Finance allows users to trade decentralized products without any restrictions, allowing individuals to reach their fullest to fully realize the value of Decentralized Finance.

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