Celebrating the launch of BYN.

Welcome to the BYN Staking Program!

Please follow the step by step process so that you can stake your BYN and start earning rewards.

This guide will walk you through BYN staking concept and the BYN Staking interface. Make sure you understand read the important points mentioned below before you proceed.

Once you are familiar with these concepts and the staking interface, you will be able to send your ERC-20 BYN tokens from your Metamask wallet to the Beyond staking platform.

Before starting Some important points

  1. Make sure your Metamask is unlocked and refresh the page if needed to connect.
  2. You will need to perform 2 successful transactions in a row.
    (Approval & Deposit) => Do not reject the 2nd transaction or you must restart.
  3. Ethereum chain gas fees are high (there’s very little we can do about this fact)
    Gas fee roughly estimate:
    1st transaction will cost between $20–40 Value
    2nd transaction between $75–150 USD value
  4. Mobile devices not supported.
  5. Staking Levels and the details information will be shown once your Metamask is connected. Staking Level 1, 2 or 3 (depending on availability at time of connection) will be displayed.
  6. There is no minimum and maximum amount of BYN.

420 000 BYN IN REWARD!!! (1.13M USD VALUE at the time of writing)

After the locked period (60–90days) All tokens stake and reward can be withdraw by users.

BEYOND staking program is designed for our Partners, IDO participants, and new BYN holders.

This also bridges TGE event with BEYOND DEX launch in Q2 2021.We hope our BYN community participates as much as possible

Step 1
Connect to BYN staking platform
Metamask will open, asking you to approve the connection. Click Confirm

Step 2: Start
After Connecting to Beyond .dapp read basic info and click “Stake” to BYN staking page

Step 3: Staking page

Read information carefully
Please note the amount of staking days ; 60–75–90
3.1 Read “BYN available for staking at this level “
3.2 Click Max to see “max” BYN you can stake
3.3 Adjust the number of BYN you actually want to stake.

Step 4: DOUBLE Transactions

Clicking “STAKE” will generate two transactions that will show in your Metamask activity tab. Staking BYN needs 2 successful transactions

Step 4.a
Click STAKE and confirm INCREASE APPROVAL transaction

IMPORTANT! keep Metamask open & wait for confirmation.

Step 4.b

Check your Metamask/Activity tab click Deposit and confirm this transaction

Done . once the “DEPOSIT” transaction is confirmed the BYNs sent are Staked

Step 5: Confirm Staking.

The users can see their staked BYN at currently staked on the left side. Congratulation you have successfully staked BYN.


Staking rewards of 420,000 BYN is allocated from our 5% marketing and promotion to rewards our early BYN holders.

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