MoonWhale and Beyond Finance tides into Partnership

A large tide has brought to shore a new introduction to the Beyond family, of the partnership with MoonWhale Ventures. MoonWhale provides financial, technical and operational support to blockchain projects via their network to institutions, industry and commerce across asia.

Moonwhale has invested in our early stage and will assist Beyond in elevating a ‘Moon Launch’ that connects Blockchain/DEFI with ‘real world’ business and institutions through the implementation of the right influencers, right launch strategy, long term investors and partnerships to industry, commerce and institutions. Achieving Beyond’s mission to provide a novel way to access synthetic assets and DeFi on a global scale.

We are proud to create a tsunami with this partnership, with Moonwhale’s ethos, to collaborate together with our knowledge and connections, paving the way forward that will be beneficial to the entire crypto ecosystem.

More about Moonwhale Venture:
Moonwhale Ventures focuses to venture, incubate and accelerate blockchain projects through their network to institutions, industry and commerce across asia. Moonwhale Ventures provides Blockchain Technology Consulting and Security Token Offering Consulting services.
To find out more about Moonwhale Ventures:
Twitter | Telegram | Linkedin

More About Beyond Finance
Beyond Finance is a decentralized platform that enables the creation and trading of synthetic financial products. Beyond Finance’s experienced team has previously developed a proprietary wallet with layer 2 capabilities, which has been adopted by several security companies and approved by the financial institutions in South Korea.
BYN token rewards campaign will take place for early DEX users and community members — this is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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A Novel Way to Access Synthetic Assets and DeFi Globally. Beyond is a decentralized platform for creating and trading synthetic financial products

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